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Global Affairs Canada, through the Development Section of the Embassy of Canada to Ethiopia would like to contract an organization to complete a formative evaluation of the Value Chains for Economic Growth in Ethiopia Project – Project Number: D002239 / P001150  – EMERTA Project (2016-2022). This formative evaluation shall be conducted in a participatory approach that will provide relevant information as described in the Terms of Reference. The Embassy’s Field Support Services Project (FSSP) in Addis Ababa is receiving proposals for this evaluation.

Financial Offer

A financial offer should be prepared and submitted in a separate document along with the proposal. The financial offer should present a detailed presentation of costs associated with the conduct of this evaluation. The estimate should include all taxes, fees, travel, expenses and incidentals for all members of the evaluation team. The total amount for this evaluation should not exceed $65000 CAD. The detailed financial offer should be in Ethiopian Birr or Canadian Dollars. Budget proposals will be assessed for value for money.

Evaluation of Applications: 

  • Applications will be initially screened for compliance with mandatory selection criteria;
  • Applications that pass the screening process will be assessed and scored for technical strength as determined by their covering letter and curriculum vitae (experience of team leader and members);
  • In the case that the highest score on the technical review is no greater than 4 points from the score of other applicants, interviews may be conducted with the highest ranked applicants and those within 4 points. If interviews are conducted, they will count for 20% of the 85% attributed to the technical score;
  • The financial bid will count for 15% of the score of the applicants and will be considered after the completion of the technical review.


All questions or communications on this process should be sent exclusively to the email mentioned [email protected] by January 23, 2020 at 14:59 (Ethiopia time) at the latest.

To ensure consistency and quality of information given to all candidates, the FSSP will send by email simultaneously to all candidates who expressed interest the information responding to questions received in one email.

The deadline to receive proposals is February 03, 2020 at 14:59 (Ethiopia time). The proposals received after this date and time will not be taken into consideration.

 This evaluation, including the field mission, should be carried out between Mid March 2020 and early May 2020. The final evaluation report must be submitted to Global Affairs Canada on or before May 31, 2020.

Canada’s Rights

The Embassy of Canada to Ethiopia, representing the Government of Canada reserves the rights to:

  • Request clarifications and verify information provided by candidates regarding this invitation to submit candidacy;
  • Retain all received candidacies in response to this invitation;
  • Cancel and/or relaunch this invitation at any time;
  • Not accept any digression of the terms and conditions established in this invitation;
  • Exercise intellectual property of materials produced under the resulting contract;
  • Amend the budget to increase or decrease the number of tasks or products described in the Terms of Reference attached; and,
  • Not enter into any contract.

 Note: Canada’s Development Program in Ethiopia is simultaneously launching two Formative Evaluations processes (including this announcement) for its EMERTA and STEM projects in Ethiopia. Individuals or organizations with demonstrated ability and expertise can apply to both processes with separate applications.

Job Requirements

The Team Leader must possess the following language proficiency level in English for the evaluation:

  • Oral proficiency = Advanced Professional Proficiency (4)
  • Reading proficiency = Advanced Professional Proficiency (4)
  • Writing proficiency = Advanced Professional Proficiency (4)

 Requirements and selection criteria 

  • The Evaluation Team Leader must be an evaluator at an intermediate/senior level (10 years of experience). In addition, the Evaluation Team Leader will have the following experience/knowledge/expertise:
    • At least 10 years’ experience in evaluation mandates that are similar to this one;
    • Experience working in Africa is mandatory. Experience in Ethiopia and/or in a conflict-affected country is an asset;
    • Experience leading a team of professional(s) in a developing country;
    • Knowledge of Global Affairs Canada’s Inclusive Economic Growth Strategy and strategy implementation;
    • Experience integrating gender equality in development evaluations;
    • Knowledge of participatory evaluation methods;
    • Knowledge of the OECD/DAC (2010) Quality Standards for Development Evaluation(2010);
    • Master’s or Ph.D. in agriculture, community or rural development, strategic planning, social sciences or related field. Other certification related with evaluation is an asset. Knowledge of natural resources management and artisanal small scale mining an asset.
  • The Team member 1 may be hired locally and reports directly to the Evaluation Team Leader (ETL) and will have the following experience/knowledge/expertise:
    • Bachelor’s degree (minimum) in relevant areas of agriculture, rural development, development studies or a relevant discipline, or equivalent experience. Knowledge of natural resources management and artisanal small scale mining an asset.
    • Experience working in Ethiopia in the area of agriculture, rural development;
    • Expertise in value chains development or rural economic development;
    • Experience integrating gender equality as a cross-cutting theme in evaluations and knowledge of Global Affairs Canada’s Gender Equality Policy and requirements;
    • Experience participating in evaluations as a team member an asset;
    • Demonstrated experience in multidisciplinary evaluations of international development projects;
    • Experience in the area of evaluatingdevelopment projects in state modernization and in the area of value chains and rural integrated development, preferably in a decentralized context;
    • Demonstrated experience in agriculture value chain/agribusiness development;
    • Demonstrated experience in gemstone value chain and market analysis and/or demonstrated experience in natural resource management;
    • Demonstrated experience in gender equality and/or social development; and,
    • Demonstrated experience working in Africa, preferably Ethiopia

How to Apply

Expression of Interest

All potential applicants should submit a simple email to [email protected] to express their intent to apply and request a copy of the TORs.

Submission of candidacy

The proposed candidacy shall be sent by email to the following address: [email protected] and include the title of the position in the subject of the email (Formative Evaluation EMERTA Project). The proposal shall include: 

  • A cover letter (in English) indicating why your proposal should be considered and demonstrating how you comply with the eligibility and experience requirements stated in this Invitation to Submit Candidacy and in the Terms of Reference for the Formative Evaluation of the Value Chains for Economic Growth in Ethiopia Project;
  • Up to a 5-page concept paper outlining your proposed approach, methodology, team composition, and timeline;
  • Curriculum vitae (English) of the team leader and team members, including professional references;
  • Financial offer in a separate document including all related fees to conduct the evaluation; and,
  • Supporting documentation (recommendation letters, copies of professional titles, diplomas, etc.) that the candidate consider appropriate to show compliance with eligibility and experience requirements.

More Information

  • This job has expired!

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