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Established in 2010, Kifiya is a technology and services company that has been developing scalable and secure technology platforms over the past nine years and distribution network that covers the whole of Ethiopia through 16 regional offices.

Kifiya has launched several successful technology platforms including lehulu, yeneguzo, a sport booking and ticketing platform, an agricultural micro insurance product, a membership payments platform designed for Red Cross and most notably our airtime distribution agent network. We are progressing as a technology company and we’ve entered Kifiya 2.0. As a part of Kifiya 2.0, we’ve built 8 new technology verticals that will transform the digital infrastructure of Ethiopia.

In 2020, Kifiya launched an e-commerce platform called Shega.com. Shega is an e-commerce platform for MSMEs to sell products to a wide variety of customers. In addition to providing the technical platform for the MSMEs to sell their products, Shega also provides an ecosystem of services that helps to prepare them to sell online. These services are meant to help MSMEs with little or no familiarity with digital commerce platforms to sell on Shega.com. We provide a workshop for them to learn the basics of e-commerce, photoshoots to showcase the products, support in branding and marketing, and cataloging support in uploading their products to Shega. Additionally, Shega will provide dedicated support to MSMEs through Shega staff based in dedicated training and support centers.

As part of our MSME training strategy, we plan to offer trainings in 10 sub-city areas every day of the working week. The curriculum has already been developed and we are looking for training consultants to deliver the trainings to the MSMEs. In addition to delivering training, the MSME must also take attendance, collect information about the MSMEs, pay per diems, and provide weekly narrative repots to Kifiya. The deliverables for the training consultants are as follows:

1.       Consultant will be expected to train at least 30 MSMEs per sub-city per day

2.       Adult learning (MSMEs) training engagement plan

3.       Training of Trainer (TOT) training plan

4.       Daily attendance reports

5.       Narrative reports to Kifiya on training performance at a regular cadence

Prepare a Technical Proposal with the following details:

Cover Letter, detailing the name of the consultant or consulting company, their contact information, a brief summary of their experience and work developed related to the work required by Kifiya in the last 2 years;

The technical proposal must be submitted in English;

Framework for how you plan to train the trainers who will train the MSMEs;

Monitoring and evaluation plan of trainers’ performance;

Plan as to how you will record and collect MSMEs information

Plan to gather and collect information

Describe the qualifications, experience, and capabilities of the consultant or consulting team to provide the type of service that is being requested in this tender. As an annex to the proposal, include detailed curriculum vitae for all proposed team members, detailing the experience and achievements in previous assessments that demonstrate the skills and knowledge necessary to meet the requirements of this TOR.

The following can be submitted as annexes to the proposal:

    •  Include a contact name, job title, email address and telephone numbers to facilitate communication between Kifiya and the consultant or consulting team. In the case of a registered company, the company name and its physical address must also be included;
    •  Submit consulting team or company’s legal details and documentation

Please include a financial proposal with the following details:

  • Cost of trainers broken down by sub-city
  • Consultant may be asked to provide materials such as projector, stationery, pens, etc.
  • Please note, Kifiya will provide the training rooms, the training curriculum, and the per diem is fixed at 150 ETB per MSME that attends training 

Job Requirements

  •  The consultant (s) should have expertise and demonstrated experience on similar assignments, i.e. The training delivery on e-commerce, business skills, entrepreneurship, sales, marketing etc.
  •  Ability to speak various local languages and better contextual understanding of growth oriented micro, small, and medium enterprises. Ability and flexibility to interact with partners and/or others as required for this consultancy. Strong organizational, analytical and reporting skills, presentation skills, attention to detail, and ability to meet deadlines.

How to Apply

  • Interested consultancy firms should submit their technical and financial proposals, separately, in sealed envelopes within the next 10 days of this notice.
  • Kifiya Financial Technology PLC, around National Theater in front of Ras Hotel Tsige Mariam Building 1st floor
  • Tel: +251115580080
  • Evaluation comparison of scores: The best (highest) evaluated point will be attained the maximum denoted score and the other participants scores will be calculated in proportions.
  • All technical bid proposals rated above 50% will be considered in further financial evaluation. Financial proposal with technical evaluation less than 50% will not be considered. The overall standard service provider selection rating will be 70% technical and 30 % financial, which will be weighted average finally.
  • The most responsive bidder will be awarded with the quoted amount. However, if the quoted price exceeds the available budget, negotiation will be done with the winner supplier, if that is not successful the next bidder will be negotiated.
  • Kifiya reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids and to waive any technicality or informality.

More Information

  • This job has expired!

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