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Job Description

Ø  Isolate and make cultures of bacteria or other microorganisms in prescribed media, controlling moisture, aeration, temperature, and nutrition.

Ø  Perform microbiological tests on water, ingredients, raw materials, intermediate products and final product and the environment to detect harmful microorganisms and to obtain information about sources of pollution and contamination.

Ø  Examine physiological, morphological, and cultural characteristics, using microscope, to identify and classify microorganisms in air, water and raw materials.

Ø  Follows and supervises the water treatment plants for bottled water,

Ø  Inspect inputs work-in-process and final product for conformance to the established standards.

Ø  Calibrating microbiological testing devices

Ø  Apply known principles, methods and techniques of microbiology and develop an appropriate controlling procedures

Ø  Recording, analysing and interpreting data

Ø  Record, analyze and interpret all microbiological tests and analyses

Ø  Perform other related duties as required


Job Requirements

Min:-Bachelor of Science in Microbiology or Applied Biology



Working experiences in HACCP/ISO 22000:2005 certified Food Processing Industries, especially in Quality Control

Ideal: 2 years

Required Skills

·         Effective use of SPC for trending and interpretation of microbiological data

·         Micro non-conforming issues addressed and gaps closed.

·         Lead the shift/line based teams in problem solving

      Micro – quality risk areas in the process identified and action taken

·         Micro reports issued to users timeously.

·         Minutes of SBU meetings and actions taken on non-conformities

·         Coaching and training of operators.

·         Training needs identification

·         Strong relationships with Environmental Health Expert, Microbiologist, Production Foremen, Machine Operators, Maintenance Technicians, Warehouse Supervisor, WTP operators, CO2 operators, utilities operators in order to ensure produce highest quality of products.
·         Highest standard of housekeeping maintained

·         All employees wear correct PPE’s at all times

·         Disabling injuries eliminated

·         PPE for people


How to Apply

Qualified applicants can send your CV and supporting credentials with [email protected] 

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