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Title: Research on Displacement Trends (Gambella)


1.       Background

Danish Refugee Council (DRC) is an international non-governmental organization which promotes and supports durable solutions to the problems faced by refugees and internally displaced people all over the world. Since 1997, DRC has been intervening in the East Africa region to protect and support the displaced population. DRC has been operational in Ethiopia since 2009 and throughout these years, DRC has accumulated significant knowledge and experience in supporting refugees, host communities, and internally displaced persons (IDPs). The DRC Ethiopia Country Program oversees the operational and program management of six field offices with a focus on protection (including legal protection), shelter construction/ rehabilitation, WASH, cash assistance and livelihoods. DRC receives funding from different institutional and private donors, including SIDA, BPRM, EU, ECHO, DANIDA, SDC, FCDO, WFP, UNHCR and UNICEF.


DRC implements protection programming across Ethiopia as well as hosts the Ethiopia Migration Program and the Ethiopia Regional Durable Solutions Secretariat. DRC’s programs are designed to ensure crisis-affected communities have their needs met, are protected from violence, and receive a quality and timely response, including measures to reduce risk and support safe and accessible service delivery. DRC responds to protection crises across the Gambella region, including an increase in localized violence and displacement, as well as the potential for drought and climate-displacement to drive further conflict.


With DANIDA funding, DRC is implementing a comprehensive response to strengthen the protective environment and resilience of conflict- and displacement-affected communities in Gambella region. The interventions incorporate both a protection and livelihoods response to prevent, mitigate and respond to the population’s protection needs, empower crisis-affected communities to cover their basic needs and promote economic resilience, and reduce negative coping mechanisms and protection risks.

To strengthen DRC’s programming in Ethiopia, the organization seeks an external consultant to carry out research on displacement trends, conflict dynamics, and potential triggers to inform DRC’s project implementation and planning.
The overall process, which will be managed by the Country Office Protection Manager, with key involvement from the Gambella Protection Manager should strengthen DRC’s understanding of historic and predicted displacement trends affecting Gambella region, as well as the effects of local conflict dynamics and opportunities for strengthening social cohesion. The research will subsequently be used to inform DRC’s activities in the selected locations, including opportunities to improve cross-border programming with South Sudan.


2. Consultancy objectives

Overall objective:

1.      Produce a high-quality research product on conflict and displacement trends affecting Gambella region, including areas of origin, mapping of root causes and potential triggers, and the effect on local conflict dynamics through desk research and interviews with key informants, focus group discussions and staff. This analysis should inform DRC’s overall strategy and a conflict-sensitive action plan to address displacement and social cohesion in Gambella region.

2.      To deliver the above objectives within approximately 15 working days in alignment with the timeline.


3.     Consultancy scope

The consultancy should cover the geographic locations specified within this TOR in the area of operations in Gambella regions.

4. Methodology

The deliverable of the consultant is a comprehensive research product on displacement trends, triggers, and conflict dynamics in Gambella, including an action plan for conflict-sensitive protection, livelihoods, and social cohesion programming by DRC. The consultant will also be responsible for conducting a validation workshop with key stakeholders.



a.       Desk review: the consultant will review existing resources from Ethiopia and South Sudan, available conflict analyses and documents, and map actors and stakeholders influencing local conflicts and displacement.

b.      Data collection: the consultant will use key informant interviews, including with staff, community members and DRC team members, as well as consultation with DRC South Sudan. The methodology must include a key role for staff in the conduct of the research and the generation of the analysis, as well as be inclusive of a range of different local stakeholders. Gender inclusion and participation of marginalized groups will be emphasized. Care will be taken to ensure that the different stakeholders are free to express their views without interference or concerns of reprisals.


Validation Workshop

c.       The workshop will be held at the Gambella-level with DRC staff and relevant stakeholders, such as community mobilisers, with insights on the context, displacement trends, and community conflicts. The consultant will co-facilitate the workshop, contribute with insights and data from the pre-workshop research and take notes in preparation for the report. The workshop will be held in one day with relevant staff and stakeholders participating. The objective of the workshop is to generate a shared understanding of historical trends in displacement and conflict, predictions of the most likely future trends, and opportunities for more effective conflict-sensitive programming to address root causes of displacement and localized conflict.


Post-workshop research and reporting

d.      Data collection: the consultant will pursue any gaps of information identified during the workshop through desk research and/or KIIs.

e.      The consultant will draft the report and action plan in a structured manner, so that new updates can be added according to the format agreed by the participants. The overview of the analysis should be formatted so it can provide a general introduction to the context.

f.        Presentation of key findings: the consultant will present the key findings and recommendations to DRC and receive input for adjustments before the final report. Once the report has received final approval from the Head of Programs, the consultant will be expected to provide a virtual debriefing to key stakeholders within DRC, including the Country Office, Regional Office, and DRC South Sudan.


5. Deliverables

  •  Research and draft overview of context, and factor and actor mapping prior to the validation workshop
  •  Active participation and facilitation of the participatory workshop
  • Report: A simple and concise format, including overview of context, factors, actors, concrete recommendations and suggested action points based on the research and workshop. Maximum 20 pages, including an action plan for future programming approaches, and maximum 3 pages on historic context and maximum 3 pages of Summary on key findings and recommendations.
  •  A presentation of the findings and recommendations to DRC Ethiopia, DRC South Sudan, and DRC Regional Office.


The report and presentation will be written in English.



The consultant should start the work as soon as possible after the completion of the tender process.


Tasks and assessed duration required

  • Desk review and data collection (5 days)
  •  Consultative and participatory KIIs and FGDs with relevant staff and stakeholders (4 days)
  • Active participation including note taking during validation workshop (1 day)
  • Final data collection and reporting (5 days)
  • Total days: 15 days

7. Reporting Line


The consultant will report directly to the Protection Manager, with final approvals from the Head of Program.

Job Requirements

8. Consultant Qualification and Expertise

DRC Ethiopia is seeking an experienced consultant with the following expertise and skills:

  •  Post graduate degree in Social Sciences, Development studies, Peacebuilding, Conflict management studies and/or related discipline
  •  An understanding of the context in Ethiopia and South Sudan, especially Gambella region
  •  Demonstrable and extensive experience in research, conflict analyses and context assessments
  • Strong and proven participatory research skills and experience.
  •  Knowledge of current literature / practice on conflict analysis, conflict and peacebuilding programming, and displacement analysis
  •  Skills in teamwork
  • Ability to produce high quality analytical material in English


We offer

DRC Ethiopia will offer the successful applicant a 15 working-day contract, the research will commence as soon as possible after the contract is signed.

Payment will be made on submission of all requested deliverables stated in section 5 of this document.

DRC staff located in the assessment areas will provide necessary support to the consultant and assist in identifying KIIs, FGD participants and relevant staff for interviews.

How to Apply

How to Apply

a. Application process

Interested applicants who meet the required qualifications and experience are invited to submit their offers to the email [email protected] which must include the following documents:

Technical documents

–       CV(s) with details of qualifications and experiences indicating documentation of relevant assignments undertaken, including specifically for Ethiopia, and full correct details of three professional referees

–       Technical proposal / cover letter (maximum 2 pages) that summarizes understanding of the Advertisement including the proposed methodology

–       Financial proposal providing cost estimates of consultancy cost (assessed to 15 days)

Formal and required documents

It is mandatory for applicants to submit the below documents filled out and signed:

–       Annex A Financial proposal template providing total cost of service fees. Include break down of the budget, which shall cover all costs over the course of the consultancy.

–       Annex B (DRC general conditions of contract) – return it signed.

–       Annex C (supplier Code of Conduct) – return it signed.

–       Annex D (Supplier Registration Form) return it completed and signed.

Deadline for submission is  August 24,2022 by 5 pm Ethiopia Time

Assessment and award of Consultancy

  1. DRC Ethiopia reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal received without giving reasons and is not bound to accept the lowest or the highest bidder. Only those shortlisted will be contacted. Any subcontracting of the consultancy will not be accepted.
  2. For the award of this project, DRC has established evaluation criteria which govern the selection of offers received. Evaluation is made on a technical (80%) and financial (20%) basis. The applicant should provide detailed documentation to demonstrate the below components
  3. Only those shortlisted will be contacted for an interview with the panel to ensure their understanding of the consultancy services
  4.  The percentage assigned to each component is determined in advance as per table below.

The technical offer (80% of the overall evaluation) will be evaluated using the following criteria, and points will be allocated in the scale from 1– 10 for each of the criteria stipulated below, whereas the weighting is as follows:

9 – Submission Process

Ø  Bidders must submit their Technical & Financial proposal separately in sealed envelope only physically to Danish Refugee Council Addis Ababa Bole sub City, Woreda 03, House No:3001, Behind sapphire Hotel, Bole Road, Street No:636.

Ø  Submission of sample is a must for all types of requested item.

Ø  Bidders MUST provide valid business licenses, ID copy of the owner or higher shareholders, TIN copy and VAT registration certificate;

Ø  Bids submitted after the deadline or in violation of the formal requirements will not be considered;

Ø  Further Instructions on submission are provided on tender dossier;

Ø  Currency should be in Ethiopian Birr (ETB) no other currencies are acceptable;


DRC reserves the right to accept or reject any submission provided on tender part or entirely without assigning reasons thereof.

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