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To Conduct Health and Food Safety Needs Assessment and Develop Operational Guideline for Healthy and Safe Local Food Markets in Addis Ababa


The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) is a Swiss-based foundation launched at the UN in 2002 to tackle the human suffering caused by malnutrition. Working with both governments and businesses, we aim to transform food systems so that they deliver more nutritious food for all people. In particular, we aim to make healthier food choices more desirable, more available, and more affordable. GAIN’s mission is to advance nutrition outcomes by improving consumption of nutritious and safe food for all people, especially those most vulnerable to malnutrition.


The overall objective of the consultancy work is to provide real-time evidence for informed national policymakers’ decisions on managing safe food systems. Specifically, by effectively accomplishing the consultancy work, GAIN seeks to achieve the following objectives:

Carry out health and food safety needs assessment in selected local food markets in the city, emphasizing the improvement of livelihoods of women,

Review nationally existing regulatory policies and guidelines for open markets engaging respective ministries, businesses and relevant stakeholders to come up with standard operational guidelines for market governance and capacity building.


All deliverables are required for final submission within 8 (Eight) months from the date of the contract agreement signing to commence the work.


The contracting service provider is expected to accomplish the following tasks meeting deadlines and quality standards set by GAIN for the work in professional manner:

  • Conduct market-specific, gender and age disaggregated, health and food safety needs assessments for two selected markets in Addis Ababa,
  • Assess the current state of governance for food markets in the city to best understand existing setbacks and opportunities toward making traditional food markets safe and healthy and produce corresponding comprehensive report,
  • Produce locally relevant and culturally sensitive operational guideline in English and Amharic languages for safe and healthy food markets adapted from relevant global guidelines and available local evidence, lessons and recommendations through other platforms,
  • Develop trainers’ manual in English and Amharic languages to be used as guide and reference material during series of capacity building trainings and actions for safe food handling and marketplace health,
  • Design and implement need based, specialized training of trainers (ToT) adapted ensure application of adapted operational guideline, improve knowledge and skills set in the national guideline among relevant stakeholders such as MRU members, national and municipal market governance actors and line experts.
  • Facilitate policy dialogues with relevant ministries in country to ensure adoption of guidance, improve knowledge and skills among relevant stakeholders, to increase gender equity in the market.
  • Deliver presentations that are tailored to contexts of the scheduled events aimed to facilitate dialogue and discussions during consultative workshops as required by GAIN,


  • Detail report on market-specific, gender and age disaggregated, health and food safety needs assessments for selected markets in Addis Ababa,
  • Comprehensive fact-finding report portraying the current state of governance for food markets in the city, existing setbacks and opportunities for improvement and recommendations toward making traditional food markets safe and healthy,
  • Customized presentations that are to the context and purposes scheduled meetings and workshops as required by GAIN,
  • Locally relevant and culturally sensitive operational guideline for safe and healthy food markets developed in English and Amharic languages,
  • Tailored trainers manuals developed in English and Amharic languages,
  • Detailed training strategy devised based on adult training methodology for need based, specialized trainings to build the capacity target market actors,
  • Monthly activity progress and process update reports for each deliverable to be achieved,
  • Comprehensive final accomplishment report

All reports and produced materials through this consultancy work should be submitted to GAIN in editable format (acceptable format MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint).

Job Requirements


  • Thorough knowledge of food safety and quality standards, workplace health and conducted studies on traditional food markets in Ethiopia, particularly Addis Ababa,
  • Thorough knowledge and expertise on food value chain functioning, food systems governance achieving improved nutrition security in underdeveloped countries such as Ethiopia,
  • Excellent communications skills in English,
  • Relevant academic credentials and more than 10 (ten) years of proven working experience,
  • Demonstrable previous experience in conducting studies and providing policy level advisory services toward making traditional food markets safe and healthy,
  • Practical knowledge on functioning of local food markets in Addis Ababa will be an asset,
  • Proven experience in working with International aid and development organizations and respective donor agencies in Ethiopia is advantageous,
  • Proven experience in developing guidelines, training manuals, undertaking skill trainings based on adult training methodology is desired,
  • Preparing comprehensive and timely progress updates and professional reports is required,

Required Documents and Specific Conditions

  • Interested service providers/agencies must attached copy of the following relevant documents
    • Valid renewed business license
    • VAT registration certificate
    • TIN
    • Any other relevant document
  • GAIN reserves the right to alter the dates of the timetable

How to Apply

Interested and eligible applicants are encouraged to download and review the detail Terms Of Reference (TOR) from the link here  prior to completing their responses.

The technical and financial proposals must be sent in a separate pdf file. Send your technical and financial proposal to [email protected]

Each page of submitted documents should be stamped or signed by the applicant.

Use the following as a subject line of your email “Proposal to “Health and Food Safety Needs Assessment’’

Use the name of your organization to save the financial and technical proposals

Deadline for submissions is before March 14, 2021, 5pm Ethiopian local time,

Late submissions will not be accepted

Proposals that do not follow the above guidelines will be rejected automatically

More Information

  • This job has expired!

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